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A self-made computer science professional with four certifications and
a passion for delivering exceptional service in the tech industry.

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Frontend Web Developer

Hi there, I'm Peter Molès, a Greek software engineering professional dedicated to delivering outstanding web development solutions. I stand out from the competition with my unwavering commitment to perfection, responsibility, and adaptability, combined with a personalized approach to client satisfaction.

As a powerful introvert with laser focus and undepleted patience, I meticulously craft every detail of every project to exceed my clients' expectations. I take ownership of every project, ensuring it's completed to the highest standards possible. My adaptability allows me to provide cutting-edge web development solutions, keeping my clients ahead of the competition.

If you're searching for a web development partner who combines perfectionism, responsibility, adaptability, laser focus, and undepleted patience with a commitment to personalized client satisfaction, look no further than Peter Molès.

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What I am Expert In

My Services

Web Design

As a certified responsive web designer, my expertise lies in creating visually stunning and user-friendly websites that stand out from the rest, utilizing design elements such as color theory, typography, layout styling and many more to bring your vision to life

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Web Development

My certification in JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures demonstrates my expertise in developing efficient and scalable algorithms and more, allowing me to create robust and high-performing applications that can handle complex data structures with ease.

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Machine Learning

My expertise in machine learning includes an understanding of multiple linear regression, K-means clustering, minimax, decision trees, perceptron algorithms and many more, enabling me to develop complex data sets and make accurate predictions

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Full Stack Software Engineer

As a passionate software developer and a perfectionist with extensive experience in both front-end and back-end development, I constantly explore and learn new technologies and framework to provide optimal solutions for my clients



Latest Projects

Blissful Week

Serene weather forecasts worldwide, with accurate data and a calming user experience for effortless weather updates.

Survey Form

The Survey form is an adaptive design that captures user input in a structured and engaging way.

Tribute Page

The Tribute Page is a visually appealing and well-organized website that honors a scientist's accomplishments.

Technical Doc Page

The TDP is a concise guide to a programming language, covering its design philosophy and development environments.

Working on

Upcoming Projects


AI website that books and reserves travels and vacations for you automatically without the need for you to do anything other than enjoy the vacations with 0 travel anxiety.


Mindfulness-based notification management app that helps reduce distractions and encourages users to pause, take deep breaths and calm down


App that aims to improve pedestrian safety by notifying drivers to slow down when a pedestrian is crossing the street using GPS and real-time notifications.


Highly secure, blockchain-based online vault that enables users to safely store and manage their files using a unique private key for access.

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I'm a Frontend developer learning Fullstack develpment - I have almost no limits in bringing every project you have in mind to reality.